About Twin Peaks Inspections

Denver home inspector Duane Younger is a construction professional with a quarter century of construction experience. From the moment an inspection begins, it will be obvious to you that he is passionate about helping people understand their buildings. As a home inspector, Duane has seen nearly every type of home imaginable and is eager to demystify your unique property for you. A quick glance at his client testimonials will show that he is serious about providing you with the knowledge you need to make a good decision.

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Ensuring the Property is Safe

Your family’s safety is of paramount importance! Don’t trust it to a home inspector without Twin Peaks Inspections’ extensive background in home environmental remediation.

Duane’s distinguished construction resume includes extensive work in environmental remediation. Within the building industry, this refers to ensuring that the interior of a structure is a healthy environment with no contaminants that could threaten the safety of occupants over time. Even before becoming an ASHI-certified home inspector, Duane had years of experience diagnosing and designing solutions to such serious home health hazards as asbestos, lead paint, mold, and radon. These dangers are not always easily noticeable, even by people with some familiarity with these hazardous materials.

Another key factor that makes a building a healthy environment is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Many components contribute to a structure’s IAQ, and without a thorough understanding of how they work together, it is impossible to be certain about a home’s long-term safety. You shouldn’t have to research what a “panned return” is or why it can contribute to aggravating sensitive respiratory tracts. You should hire a Denver home inspector with a highly specialized background in environmental safety who goes above and beyond to ensure your building is a safe place for your family and guests.

When Duane isn’t helping you understand your property, he loves gardening, the challenges of hunting and fishing, and the relaxation of a day spent boating and playing on the water.