Sewer Scopes as Part of Twin Peaks Inspections

A Professional Sewer Scope Inspection Identifies Damaged Pipes and Blockages

Your knowledge of a building’s condition is incomplete without an examination of its sewer lines. Damaged pipes can cause structural damage and sanitary issues. Twin Peaks works with certified professionals to coordinate a sewer scope inspection during your Denver home or commercial building examination.

Man start using sewer inspection camera.

A Broken Sewer Line Is a Health and Safety Issue

Sewer line problems take several forms. Aging pipes can crack and leak, especially if they are made of clay or concrete. Tree roots can also break into pipes over time. This kind of damage leads to sewage leaks around your property. The unpleasant odor often attracts rodents and other pests.

When there is a pipe blockage, it can cause serious problems inside your home. Raw sewage will build up in the pipe, and you might start to notice strange smells and foul water coming out of your drains. The pressure can contribute to pipe leaks that cause mold growth and structural damage. The sewage may also carry bacteria and parasites that pose a health risk.

A sewer scope inspection during your Twin Peaks inspection gives you a firsthand view of the problem without excavating your Denver property. This knowledge is invaluable whether you are a homeowner seeking a fix or a homebuyer looking at a potential purchase.

Reasons to Get a Sewer Scope

Sewer scopes can spot damage before it becomes a major issue. There are several reasons to have an inspection at your location.

What Happens During a Sewer Scope Inspection?

A flexible sewer scope camera lets the technician view your sewer pipe from the inside. They thread the scope through a drain or another access pipe and record the images it sees, looking carefully for cracks, root intrusion, and other damage. You can use this information as you decide the best plan of action for repair.

Why Work with Twin Peaks

Duane Younger brings a wealth of experience to every inspection. You can trust his reports for reliable information.


Duane has 25 years of construction experience in addition to a decade of inspection experience.


Twin Peaks Inspections has both ASHI and ASTM certifications.


We respect your property while performing inspections. Duane provides a full report and is happy to answer your questions.

Do You Need a Sewer Scope Inspection at Your Denver Property?

Sewer line problems can complicate buying or selling a home or commercial building. The first step to resolving the issue is receiving a diagnosis through a sewer scope inspection. Contact Twin Peaks today to add a sewer scope to your home inspection.

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